Шламометаллоуловитель – вспомогательный инструмент, защищающий от стружки, образованной в результате фрезеровочных и буровых операций, которые слишком тяжелы для циркуляции из-за осадков на дне скважины.


The Welded Cup Junk Sub is an acces-sory tool that prevents cuttings from milling or drilling operations that are too heavy to be circulated from settling at the bottom of the hole.


The Welded Cup Junk Sub is manufac-tured from high strength, heat-treated alloy steel to withstand wear. Cup support ribs are welded to the main body of the tool. These ribs attach to the cup and guide the tool through tight places and prevent it from being crushed. The standard welded assembly has a 10-inchdeep cup. Long (20-inch) and extra long (30- inch) cup lengths are available.


Welded cup junk subs are placed directly above the mill or drill bit. For severe milling jobs, it is customary to run two or three junk subs in tandem above the mill to increase cutting removal capacity and provide extra stabilization for the mill.


Welded cup junk subs can be run in an open hole or inside casing. When running inside casing, hard-faced pads dressed to the same O.D. as the mill or bit should be used.

When ordering, please specify:

(1) Complete assembly number (2) Size and type of connections (3) Cup length
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