T-образные освобождающиеся овершоты предназначены для улавливания муфтовых бурильных труб и труб НКТ.


The T-Dog Overshot is designed to catch collared pipe or tubing and is releasable. The release operation may be repeated several times without damage the tool’s ability to reengage.


The body of the T-Dog Overshot is constructed from heat-treated alloy steel with flame-hardened slip teeth for positive engagement under the coupling. The solid body construction, with no windows, enables the T-Dog Overshot to be used in the washover string for one-trip recovery. Box-pin washpipe connections allow the overshot to be positioned at any point in the washover string. The cage design allows the coupling to pass unrestricted through the tool to allow the washover of several joints of pipe at one time.


Although the T-Dog Overshot may be run anywhere in the washpipe, it is generally placed directly above the guide or rotary shoe. The tool is run down over the string of pipe, past a collar, or connection. The spring-loaded T-dogs expand to pass over the collar. When the string is elevated the T-dogs firmly engage the coupling and the fish is retrieved The T-Dog Overshot may be released at any time by picking up and engaging a collar. A slight strain is maintained while the tool is slowly rotated to the right. This action enables the T-dogs to expand and release the coupling.

When ordering, please specify:

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