Труборезки внутренние гидравлические используют давление насоса для активации трех карбидных ножей для к колонн труб, наружным диаметром от 4” до 36” дюймов.


The Internal Pressure Pipe Cutter utilizes pump pressure to actuate three carbide-coated knives to cut single and multiple strings of pipe from 4 inches O.D. to 36-inches O.D. Each dif-ferent size cutter can be dressed with different lengths of knives to cut different sizes of pipe. Pump pressure is preset by a simple adjustment so the knives will extend at the exact desired diameter. Flow restriction across an orifice feeds a piston that forces the knives out. When the knives reach a pre-set diameter, the operator will see a sudden pressure drop that indicates that the pipe has been cut.


The Internal Pressure Pipe Cutter con-sists of a body, multiple knives with knife pins and retainer screws, a piston with a pressure relief valve system consisting of a valve stem, flow bushing, flow bean retainer, stop spider, flow bean, and set screws. All component parts are manufactured from specially selected alloys.


The Internal Pressure Pipe Cutter is run on tubing or drill pipe with the knives wired so that they stay in their grooves until the desired cutting depth is reached. Stabilization should be run above the cutter. Begin rotation of the drill string at approximately 35 to 50 rpm. Engage the mud pumps at about 900 psi pump pressure. Hold the cutter in one position inside the casing being cut. The mud pressure will force the piston out against the knives, which will in turn be forced into the pipe being cut. Once the knives have reached the predetermined pipe diameter, the piston will separate from the valve stem to allow more mud to flow through the tool. This will cause a rapid drop in pump pressure and indicate to the operator that the pipe has been severed.

When ordering, please specify:

(1) Size of connection (2) O.D. of pipe (3) Length of knives (When making multiple cuts, please specify all knife lengths to be used.) (4) Dressed or undressed knives when ordering
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